If you wish to contact me about anything on this site, please reach me at the following emails: (Delaware Valley Chess Company) (MasterMinds Chess)

7 thoughts on “CONTACT ME

    • Here is the January list – Leteef

      January Philadelphia Area Chess Events
      Saturday, January 3rd – West Chester Quads
      Saturday, January 10th – MasterMinds Quads & Greater Phila Scholastic Grand Prix (GPSGP)
      Weekend, January 16th – 19th – Liberty Bell Open
      Saturday, January 24th – Tri-State Scholastic Winter Open, Wilmington
      Saturday, January 25th – Rounds 1 & 2 of the 2015 Greater Philadelphia Chess League
      Weekend, January 31- Feb 1st – ASAP Checkmate Violence Marathon Tournament, Temple U.

    • I actually don’t know of any. Some of the local coaches do summer classes/lessons with their students and might be willing to add more, but nothing formal. I tried organizing before, but I’ve yet to find a good location to hold camps when I’m available.

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