With the help of members and parents in the MasterMinds club, I founded the MasterMinds Chess Foundation.

The MasterMinds Chess Foundation’s (MMCF) mission is to promote the game of chess and all its benefits to children in Philadelphia and its surrounding communities particularly in “at risk” environments. Studies show that children that play chess in organized programs have increased cognitive development and improved academic performance. Currently there are over 200 scholastic chess clubs in the Philadelphia area. Most of them are run by either a school teacher, parent or volunteer who know little about the game in terms of chess strategy and formal competition. MMCF will provide a link between the chess community and the education community by raising money to support local scholastic chess programs run by schools and community organizations, particularly by providing strong players to serve as coaches and work with teachers, parents and volunteers who are trying to bring the game to our children.
Tax-deductible donations can be made payable to UAC/MasterMinds Chess Foundation through our fiscal sponsor, the Urban Affairs Coalition (, a 501©(3) organization serving the Greater Philadelphia region.

Please contact me for questions or more information about supporting the MasterMinds Chess Foundation



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